Monday, September 21, 2015

WWE Raw: Kane drags Rollins to hell

WWE Raw, Kane, Seth Rollins, John Cena

U.S. Champion John Cena beat WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins and Kane piledrove Rollins. Seth Rollins was in a U.S. Title rematch against John Cena. He was not entirely prepared for it, but he did a put up a solid attempt to be the dual titleholder again. However, despite mugging Cena before the bell even rang and landing a bull’s-eye Frog Splash, a retaliatory Attitude Adjustment spelled the end for Rollins.

Kane appeared on the TitanTron, warning Rollins that he is after the WWE World Heavyweight Title. Then fire came out of the stage and the re-emergence of Kane, fully transformed into The Devil’s Favorite Demon, as he climbed through a hole in the ring that he also dragged Rollins into the abyss.

Kane returned from two months away from WWE. Rollins and Kane have a beef with each other before Kane got injured by Brock Lesnar.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Edge vs Tripple H who is better?

Edge, Tripple H, wrestling, WWE

The confrontation of the two legend Edge and Tripple H on Raw has got us thinking that who better between the two.

From 1998-2001 Tripple H was having a great career. He took the leadership of DX in 1998 and was very likeable. He then went onto become a brilliant heel from 1999-2001, perhaps one of the best ever. His work in 2000-2001 was some of the best ever for me, he was amazing.

But 2002 onwards for me he was mostly mediocre. From the injuries, to the boring face runs to the reign of terror in 2002/03 that brought the dreadful matches with the likes of Steiner, Nash and Goldberg and his promos on Raw that seemed to go on forever. The DX Reunion did nothing for me and his run on Smackdown on 2008 was ok I suppose. Yes he did form Evolution and had some great matches here and there, especially against Batista but since 2002 for me he has never really been amazing. His storylines and feuds always seemed to leave me cold. Especially when he squashed the likes of Orton and Booker T when they were over with the crowds. He was also part of some questionable booking decisions for me when he went over Punk at NOC 2011, Orton at WM25 and Sheamus at WM26.

Edge on the other hand apart from his poor face run in 2004 was always awesome. From E+C to his run as a supremely over face on Smackdown in 2002 where he was part of the legendary "Smackdown Six" putting on great matches every week. He was immense. He was one of the greatest heels ever from 2004-2009. He was also part of what made Raw so good in 2004/05. His heel turn propelled him to another level and it brought some great feuds with the likes of Benoit, HBK, Matt Hardy and Jericho. His feud with Cena in 2006 took both men to another level and when he moved to Smackdown in 2007 he excelled as the top heel on that brand. It's just a shame his tag team with Jericho got cut short because that would have been superb. He faltered a little bit in 2010 but soon found his mojo again but sadly his career was cut short in 2011.

In my opinon Edge performance throughout his career is higher than HHH.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

John Cena's Mansion on Total Divas Aug. 4, 2013

Check out John Cena's huge Mansion. Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan step out of their comfort zone when John Cena and Nikki Bella show them around Cena's house.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Total Diva Drama "Backstage Fallout" Raw July 22, 2013

Check out the cast of the brand-new reality show make a splash in the ring and backstage on Raw.

Monday, July 15, 2013

WWE Hangout: The Bella Twins talk "Total Divas" with Renee Young

Watch Renee Young as she gets the inside scoop from The Bella Twins on their rivalries, relationships and being on the new E! series "Total Divas".

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bellas' Birthday Wishes to Natalya

In the Raw edition of "Backstage Fallout," The Bella Twins spoil Natalya's birthday fun. Plus, Alberto Del Rio has a message for World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler.

Monday, May 27, 2013

WWE Royal Rumble 2013

Royal Rumble (2013) was the twenty-sixth annual Royal Rumble professional wrestling pay-per-view event produced by WWE on January 27, 2013 at the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

According to new data from WWE, this year's Royal Rumble garnered 512,000 buys, up 69,000 from last year's 443,000 buys the previous year, This is the highest buyrate the Royal Rumble has scored since 2008, where the event was bought by roughly 533,000 people worldwide.

The pre-show match featured reigning United States Champion Antonio Cesaro defending his title against The Miz. During the match, Miz attempted a diving attack and injured his leg. Shortly after, Cesaro won after landing the Neutralizer.

As the PPV portion of the show began, a backstage segment was shown with Bret Hart wishing Alberto Del Rio good luck in his match. He then gave Ricardo Rodriguez a pair of his signature sunglasses.
The opening match on the PPV telecast (and second on the card overall) featured reigning World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio defending his title against Big Show in a Last Man Standing match, who invoked his rematch clause after losing the title to Del Rio on SmackDown two weeks previous in the same style match. After Del Rio managed to beat the count after being chokeslammed through a table from an elevated position on the entrance stage, he managed to win when he locked in the Cross Armbreaker while Rodriguez duct taped Show's legs to the bottom rope. Show was unable to free himself in time and was counted out.

Next, reigning WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No (Daniel Bryan and Kane) defended their titles against Team Rhodes Scholars (Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow). The match ended when Bryan applied the No! Lock on Sandow, forcing him to tap out.

After that was the annual Royal Rumble match. Dolph Ziggler (as per the "Beat The Clock" stipulations from Raw) chose to enter first, followed by the surprise return of Chris Jericho at #2. Another surprise entry, Goldust returned at #8, and spent most of his time battling with his half brother Cody Rhodes (entrant #3), who eventually eliminated him. Sheamus entered at #11, trying to become the fourth man to win back-to-back Rumbles, joining Hulk Hogan ('90-'91), Shawn Michaels ('95-'96), and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin ('97-'98). Kofi Kingston (the #4 entrant) provided a highlight, for when he was about to be eliminated, he jumped onto the back of recently eliminated Tensai, who put him on the Spanish announce table. Kingston made it back onto the apron using a chair like a pogo stick, but was quickly eliminated by Rhodes before reentering the ring. Following this, The Godfather made a surprise appearance at #17, only to be immediately eliminated by Ziggler. John Cena entered at #19, quickly eliminating Rhodes and #10 entrant Heath Slater. Daniel Bryan (#21) and Kane (#24) teamed up to eliminate #23 The Great Khali, but Bryan then eliminated Kane. When #22 Antonio Cesaro sent Bryan over the top rope, Kane caught him, only to drop him on the floor, eliminating him from the match. Later, NXT tournament winner (and #16 entrant) Bo Dallas managed to eliminate Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett (#18), leading to Barrett reaching up and pulling Dallas over the top rope to eliminate him and hitting him with the Bullhammer Elbow, despite having already been eliminated. Ryback entered at #30 and eliminated three wrestlers in quick fashion. Ziggler finally eliminated Jericho after nearly 48 minutes. The final four consisted of Ziggler, Sheamus, Cena and Ryback. Sheamus eliminated Ziggler (who lasted nearly 50 minutes) and hit Ryback with White Noise, but Ryback managed to eliminate him. After a few minutes of going back and forth, Cena then eliminated Ryback to win the Rumble, making him the fourth wrestler to win multiple Rumble matches (as he won the match in 2008 as well).

The main event and fifth match on the card featured reigning WWE Champion CM Punk defending his title against The Rock. During the match, Rock attempted to Rock Bottom Punk through the Spanish announce table, but the table collapsed beneath them. Rock quickly landed another Rock Bottom successfully outside the ring, but Punk kicked out after being rolled into the ring and covered. When Rock attempted a People's Elbow the arena went dark and Rock was attacked by an unknown entity, believed by the commentators to be The Shield. When the lights came back, the assailant(s) were nowhere to be found, and Rock had been driven through the English announce table, allowing Punk to roll him into the ring and get the winning pin. As he celebrated with the title, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon came out and reminded Punk that if the Shield interfered (which while McMahon said he couldn't see it, he knew enough to realize what had happened) he would strip him of the title. Before he could however, the Rock said he wanted to take the title from Punk and told McMahon to instead restart the match. Vince did so, and Rock won the match with a spinebuster followed by The People's Elbow, winning the WWE Title for the eighth time and ending Punk's historic reign at 434 days.