Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Edge vs Tripple H who is better?

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The confrontation of the two legend Edge and Tripple H on Raw has got us thinking that who better between the two.

From 1998-2001 Tripple H was having a great career. He took the leadership of DX in 1998 and was very likeable. He then went onto become a brilliant heel from 1999-2001, perhaps one of the best ever. His work in 2000-2001 was some of the best ever for me, he was amazing.

But 2002 onwards for me he was mostly mediocre. From the injuries, to the boring face runs to the reign of terror in 2002/03 that brought the dreadful matches with the likes of Steiner, Nash and Goldberg and his promos on Raw that seemed to go on forever. The DX Reunion did nothing for me and his run on Smackdown on 2008 was ok I suppose. Yes he did form Evolution and had some great matches here and there, especially against Batista but since 2002 for me he has never really been amazing. His storylines and feuds always seemed to leave me cold. Especially when he squashed the likes of Orton and Booker T when they were over with the crowds. He was also part of some questionable booking decisions for me when he went over Punk at NOC 2011, Orton at WM25 and Sheamus at WM26.

Edge on the other hand apart from his poor face run in 2004 was always awesome. From E+C to his run as a supremely over face on Smackdown in 2002 where he was part of the legendary "Smackdown Six" putting on great matches every week. He was immense. He was one of the greatest heels ever from 2004-2009. He was also part of what made Raw so good in 2004/05. His heel turn propelled him to another level and it brought some great feuds with the likes of Benoit, HBK, Matt Hardy and Jericho. His feud with Cena in 2006 took both men to another level and when he moved to Smackdown in 2007 he excelled as the top heel on that brand. It's just a shame his tag team with Jericho got cut short because that would have been superb. He faltered a little bit in 2010 but soon found his mojo again but sadly his career was cut short in 2011.

In my opinon Edge performance throughout his career is higher than HHH.

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